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Delve Into Pens



  • Uncapped Length: 160mm
  • Max Barrel Diameter: 15mm
  • Width at Clip: 18mm


  • Barrel and Cap each Hand Turned from a single Resin-Infused Pinecone, entire turning process takes between 6 to 8 hours per pen
  • #6 Iridium Nib (Interchangeable)
  • Accepts and comes with both Single-use Cartridges and Screw-driven Piston Filler
  • Snap On/Off Cap
  • Easy Break Down for Cleaning
  • Gold-plated Steel and Black Resin Hardware


  • Pen Body: USA
  • Nib: Germany


Jason Smith was a construction worker until the 2008 US financial downturn, when he was laid off. Not sure what to do next, Jason decided to visit his grandparent’s woodland mountain in Tennessee to gain some perspective. The family visit turned out to be life changing. Jason’s uncle brought Jason to his small workshop, telling him, “I’m gonna teach you how to make a pen.” Well, let’s just say Jason learned. In the years since, his pen turning skills have been honed (machining pun intended) and he’s set up a nice, family business for himself, doing what he loves: making exquisite pens out of pretty much anything. When we met Jason, we were impressed by his work, particularly with pinecone. It’s just not something you see. Thus, a collaboration was born, resulting in these unique, pinecone fountain pens handcrafted one by one out of a woodshop in Indiana and available exclusively through Visitor.