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This is the foundation of Visitor Watch Co. Above all else, we look to offer unexpected designs with unexpected details at an unexpected value. When looking at a Visitor timepiece, we never want you to find yourself thinking, you know, I just feel like I’ve seen that a hundred times. Simultaneously, we hope you find something immediately familiar and approachable about our watches – like a foreign language you can instinctively read.

This “Unexpected” foundation influences more than just our approach to product execution, it also lends to the category of product we choose to create at all: that is, mechanical watches. Not long ago, the phrase “mechanical watch” would have rang as odd and redundant as “aquatic fish” or “sweet sugar.” Of course, today, that is no longer the case as roughly 90% of watches made take their power from a battery rather than a mainspring. Today, wearing a mechanical watch is an unexpected reference to the past, conveying a preference for human artistry over robotic exactitude.

What’s more, the unexpected is part of our personal philosophies. We believe the unexpected aspects of life to be the most interesting, the most memorable. When someone asks, “How was your day?” You don’t reply, “Well, I breathed a lot. And I drank some water.” No, you recount whatever was most unusual, the rest does not need to be said. In this way, the unexpected places, unexpected experiences, and unexpected visitors (wink wink) form something of a life-outline. This understanding gives direction to Visitor Watch Co.: we want to outfit you with something memorable. And we hope, when the unexpected comes your way – be it that promotion, that wrong turn which lead to the perfect picnic spot, or the forgotten voice you randomly pulled from a musky bookshelf – it’s with one of our timepieces snug to your wrist.