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Our inaugural watch. The Duneshore features a sculpted, mirror-polished case with a curved, exhibition caseback. The sandwich dial (notice the minute mark holes) is rendered in semi-gloss, giving it the appearance of wet ink to match the pen-nib-inspired hour and minute hands. Hour marks are individually applied and filled with blue-glowing BGW9 SuperLuminova. Lume is further applied to the hour and minute hands, the lower dial disk (which creates the minute marks), the dial signature, and the date numerals. The Duneshore case is made of 3 pieces of 316L Stainless Steel and features a screwed construction. Water resistance is rated at 100 meters thanks, in part, to a screw-down crown and a 2.5 mm thick sapphire crystal over the dial, which is treated with anti-reflective coating on the underside. Powering the Duneshore is a Miyota 9015 with custom rotor and date disk. The watch also features pierced lugs for quick and simple strap changes. The Duneshore case measure 44 mm by 42 mm, with a 51 mm lug-to-lug length, and a thickness that varies from 11.7 mm at the valley of the curved caseback to 13.7 mm at the crest. Prices start at $650.

Read reviews of the Duneshore from:

"...what I found intriguing about it is that the design is less derived from other watches or objects, but rather something more gestural and organic. The resulting watches have deceptively complex geometry with details that are almost alien in nature. The case of the Duneshore (Calligraph is the series) is unlike any I’ve seen before." - Zach Weiss, Worn & Wound

"Perhaps the most unique feature of the Visitor Calligraph Duneshore is – besides the name – the shape of the case. Especially in this (prognosed) price range the shape of the case is very interesting. It certainly isn’t a case design selected from a catalog with available cases somewhere in the far East." - Robert-Jan Broer, Fratello Watches

"Kickstarter has provided fertile ground for watch projects, but only a few are really special. The Visitor project is one of them. Phil has created something truly unique and beguilingly attractive, with solid specifications, and a quality movement, and has done so at an eminently reasonable price." - The Time Bum

"The highly original design was immediately eye-catching, and it definitely did not fit into the usual style of watch we’re used to seeing from Kickstarter-style launches. Phil has designed a highly unique watch that has something which will appeal to a lot of customers, whether they’re watch-lovers or new to the game." - Siddharth Padmanabhan, Bridge & Barrel


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